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Alastair Simpson

VP of Design



Leading with Empathy

Empathy is not a natural business skill for most, but you can hone it in, and it can have a serious impact on your team and the business bottom line. In this online masterclass you’ll hear from Alastair Simpson, VP of Design at Dropbox, who believes in the power of empathetic leadership. You’ll break down common barriers to leading from the heart, explore your own leadership style, and practice techniques for building empathy at work. We’ll discuss how this is a strategic advantage to your business and a strength to your approach to leadership.

About Alastair

Alastair Simpson is a leader and mentor, serving as VP of Design at Dropbox. He loves working with multi-disciplinary teams to solve complex business and interaction design challenges.
Previously, he led the product design organisation across a portfolio of Atlassian’s largest Cloud Products and Platforms and helped scale the design team from 20 to over 200. Alastair also owns a rather large sneaker collection