Pop-ups & Previous Events

2020 - Next Gen Design, Real Fake, Scrappy Creative

2020 Tokyo Popup - Scandinavian Design Philosophy, Creative Empowerment, The designer's role

2019 - Minimal Tech, Design & Activism, Collaborative Tools for Design

In the fifth of Design Matters we explored how to create less intrusive digital products to avoid a tech burnout. Together with the audience we discussed how design can give minorities a voice and fight for the planet. And lastly, we looked into how collaborative tools are changing the way designers work, taking teamwork to a new dimension.

Some of the speakers: Duolingo, Slack, Figma, Behance, LEGO.

See the full program 2019.designmatters.io


2018 - Designing for Change, Mixed Realities, Being a Rebel

2017 - Conversational UI’s, the DNA of Product Design, Embracing failure

In the third edition of Design Matters, we explored how we can design products without a visible interface. We also explored how to make the “design DNA” extend to all the touchpoints of a product. And finally, we discussed failure, and how embracing and accepting it can lead to great design solutions.

Some of the speakers: Spotify, Netflix, Vox Media, Uber.

See the full program 2017.designmatters.io


2016 - Fun and Casual Design

2015 - Game-Changers in Digital Design

In the first edition of Design Matters ever, we gathered designers from all over the world. They shared their insights, learnings, and ideas on how to disrupt tradition and change the rules within digital design.

Some of the speakers: Airbnb, Clue, Volvo, BBC, Spotify, and MailChimp.

See the full program 2015.designmatters.io