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Alexis Mark

Design Studio
Reinventing tools for a new world order

POSE, DECOMPOSE, RECOMPOSE. Reimagining communication formats

We find ourselves in a new world order, one in which we have to reconsider almost every aspect of our conventional way of living, both practically and socially.
This also applies to our ways of working creatively, so we ask ourselves how to reinvent the tools available and how we can use them in new ways to achieve new results and new meaning. By re-appropriating and re-imagining preexisting formats, we focus on how everyday media usage is part of forming our reality and society.

About Alexis Mark

Alexis Mark is the shared pseudonym of Marie Grønkær, Kristoffer Li & Martin Bek and a graphic design studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Alexis Mark works within a wide range of projects from commissioned identity design and art direction, to publication- and web design, through self-organised projects, to design-education, curating and exhibition-making. Through their work they wish to challenge media usage and vernaculars – both visually, technologically, and socially. Their work is located in the intersection between commercial interests and graphic design as a critical discipline.

Since 2017 Alexis Mark has been running the occasional exhibition platform Annual Reportt in extension of their studio space in Copenhagen. Here, projects are realised through collaborations with both Danish and international artists and designers and has taken the form of exhibitions, talks, concerts and events. With a focus on communication and transmission within the arts, the platform aspire to facilitate a social meeting point and a critical discourse within the field of contemporary cultural production. Born from an interest in the interdisciplinary practice and its’ collaborations, Annual Reportt seeks to create a space in which the traditional borders between artistic disciplines are explored and erased.