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Equitable Design

Lana Criggs and Lea Zeller



Equitable Design

Join Lana and Lea from Zalando to learn about equitable customer experience crafting in action (where desirable customer outcomes aren’t predictable by identities any longer). From developing a principled approach to inclusive research to tailoring and applying ethical design tools throughout the design process, we’ll share what we’ve learned on our journey to make customers feel embraced for who they are.

This talk will be hosted during the meetup at KLUB.

Read more about the meetup at KLUB here.

About Lana and Lea

Lana Criggs (they/them) is a Product Design Manager at Zalando focusing on customer-facing diversity and inclusion throughout the digital experience. They create experiences that intentionally include (as opposed to unintentionally exclude) underrepresented groups, welcoming and celebrating the diversity of customers.
Lea Zeller (she/her) is a Qualitative User Researcher at Zalando and is passionate about making research and design ever more equitable, inclusive and ethical. She has a background in cognitive- and neuropsychology and extensive experiences working as Business Psychologist, Analyst and User Researcher. Lea combines these experiences to conduct research in a holistic, human-centric way.