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Inari Sirola

Animator / Filmmaker


surrealism & comedy

From squeaky sausage-like characters into serious pondering about identity

From moments of silliness and inspiration, into all the deep thinking and thematics behind storytelling in film, Inari will share her journey as an animation director and filmmaker.

Inari’s work challenges gender stereotypes, questioning identity and confronting the limitations set by society. Tones of surrealism and comedy meet in her mind-bending realities, whilst her unique character design offers personal and social truths about body image and beauty standards. Showcasing all manner of long, saggy, wrinkly, features with love and absurdity. She often poses the question, deep down can’t we all relate to a sausage? Maybe we do in more ways than we care to admit.

In her talk she will discuss the freedom of expression as well as the importance of comedy when dealing with difficult topics such as mental health and gender issues.

About Inari

Inari is a Finnish animator/filmmaker currently based in London UK. Prior to her MA at Royal College of Art where she graduated in 2020, Inari’s had 4 years experience within the industry as well as BA in Graphic & Media Communication from the University of Arts London. Since graduating she has been featured in “It’s Nice That” Magazine as well as her films “CRAZY” and “Eating in the Dark” being currently in festival circulation, getting into high profile festivals such as Pictoplasma. Both of the films are represented by Miyu Distribution.

Currently she is working as a freelancer with Animation Studios such BlinkInk, Strange Beast, Meow Wolf and Seed Animation as a director, animator and character designer.