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Khora VR studio tour + workshop

Using Virtual Reality and Augmented reality to solve challenges within business, training and mental health
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Khora is a leading Scandinavian Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality production studio, creating cutting edge content within multiple application areas.

Like the concept derived from Plato which defines a place that wavers between the sensible and the intelligible, Khora acts like a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds.

The studio will host a hands-on workshop, where you’ll get to try a lot of VR and AR and be introduced to the main use cases for VR/AR outside of gaming.

Max number of attendees: 18.

When: Sep 28, from 14:00 to 16:00.

Sign up for this event will be available in the upcoming weeks.

Address: Høkerboderne 8, 1712 København