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Mario Ferrer

Lead Content Designer

Shopify (former KING)

UX writing

Impactful UX Writing

People interact with digital products and services every day: buying clothes, watching series and movies, booking vacations and even paying taxes digitally. The user experience on each platform may be different, but there is something that is always there: the words.

In this talk, Mario Ferrer, a key figure in the expansion of UX Writing, will teach you how to make product and service apps better through the use of words. He will show you what microcopy is and how it can make a huge difference for the people who use your app.

About Mario

Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Mario moved to Barcelona, Spain over a decade ago where he is now a Lead Content Designer at Shopify. He previously worked for King Games. He teaches Content Design fundamentals at several universities in Barcelona, has an introduction to UX Writing course on Domestika, and also is the founder of Content Design EspaƱa.

Mario is always trying to find the best tacos in town, listens to stand-up comedy, and teaches his two kids about Mexican Lucha Libre.