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Oluwaseyi Sosanya

Co-founder & CEO

Gravity Sketch

remote 3D collaboration

Designing for Realtime 3D Collaboration

The shift to remote work and learning challenged us all. Designers have stepped up to this challenge; developing solutions for us to stay connected and continue working effectively from our home offices. Designers that work on 3D designs: products, transportation, entertainment, needed a way to work together spatially.

In this talk, Oluwaseyi (shay) will share how the team at Gravity Sketch approaches design for remote 3D collaboration. He will do this through a walkthrough of their design process and a series of examples of how designers are currently using the tool. He will also share how they test their interface and user interactions as well as some of the key challenges they’ve found in the process of designing virtual spatial interfaces.

About Oluwaseyi

Oluwaseyi Sosanya (shay) is the CEO of Gravity Sketch; a London-based startup that is building a 3D design and collaboration platform. Over his career as a design engineer, he has focused on challenging today’s traditional digital tools to develop more user-friendly sustainable designs. At Gravity Sketch, he has pursued the goal of making emerging technologies more accessible to the broader creative community by building tools that lower barriers to entry with human-centric user experiences.