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Ross Chapman

Head of Design

Obodo / Butter

Remote Design Sprints

Imagining the future of hybrid collaboration

This online workshop will engage the participants in a discussion on challenges and opportunities of in-person vs. virtual collaboration as well as exercises to imagine the ideal hybrid collaboration experience that will increase your chances for success in hybrid collaboration,

About Ross

Ross is the creator of the Remote Sprinters community: A place for facilitators and strategists everywhere to improve their virtual facilitation practice, at any level, in a more human and responsible way.

He is also the leader of an Official Google Design Sprint Global Sprint Chapter, a contributing author to the Official Remote Design Sprint guide and a consultant for Mural.

Ross is also keen on improving remote work culture and collaboration between teams, whilst improving their performance and scalability.

His interests range from technology to entrepreneurship and he is also interested in disruption, cycling, and the enabling nature of the Internet.