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Ryo “Roy” Sampei

Workshop Host

Flying Penguins Inc.

About Ryo "Roy"

Ryo is a global business development manager and brand & content strategist at Flying Penguins Inc., a UX design firm in Tokyo.

Growing up in various countries outside Japan, his mission is to introduce Japanese design culture worldwide and hopefully bring new insights and styles back home. In his past career, Ryo founded UX MILK, the largest UX design community in Japan, and contributed to cultivating UX design amongst web/app developers. During his six years at UX MILK, he hosted countless meet-ups and high-quality design conferences.

His high reputation eventually led him to get a chance to host Design Matters pop-up in Tokyo 2020, the first Design Matters pop-up event held outside of Copenhagen. He is now officially part of the Design Matters team as head of Design Matters Tokyo, preparing for the next Tokyo Pop-up in 2022.