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Tey Bannerman & Nick Whiting Online

Digital Design Director & Senior Expert

McKinsey Digital

Data-driven design

Shaping the new normal with data + design

What if we could track global sentiment towards digital experiences during the pandemic – and get rich insight into how people shop, learn, play and communicate has changed? We did just that. Surveying 50,000 people across 24 countries over 14 months, we watched the landscape across industries and demographics constantly shift – with some surprising results. Now we’re putting that data in your hands to explore how the interaction between data and design can provide key insights for making more informed human-centric decisions that ultimately lead to more meaningful digital experiences.

About Tey and Nick

McKinsey Digital’s Digital Design Director Tey Bannerman leads multi-disciplinary teams of data scientists, service, UX, UI, visual designers, and marketeers combining analytical rigour, design and creativity to solve complex problems for global companies and institutions. He is passionate about designing for positive change, and has over 15 years hands-on experience as a UX designer, full-stack engineer and creative director.

McKinsey Digital’s Senior Expert Nick Whiting leads design for complex manufacturing and industry projects where digital transformation and advanced analytics are central to the challenge. For Nick, design is key to unlocking the potential of people within the organisations he works with – whether it’s Brazil or Bradford.