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The Digital Ethics Compass

Peter Svarre and Christina Melander

Digital strategists

Day before

THE DIGITAL ETHICS COMPASS: How do we develop ethical technology?

The global reach of digital technologies, which enrich people’s lives with efficiency, service and distribution, has shown to have problematic side effects. Some companies have gradually come to understand that behaving ethically is a business-critical necessity. More and more consumers demand that products and services create security and transparency for users. So, if we are to create a better, more fair, responsible and ethical digital world, we need to start with the design decisions that designers, product managers and programmers make every single day.

In this talk hosted during the meetup at KLUB Peter and Christina will discuss ethical dilemmas, what digital design ethics is, and the essence of The Digital Ethics Compass (BETA-version), which has has been launched recently.

Read more about the meetup at KLUB here.

About Peter and Christina

Peter has been working with digital communications, user experience, artificial intelligence and social media for the last 20 years. Peter is the author of two books. One on social media and the other on artificial intelligence. The latter is titled “Hvad skal vi med mennesker?” and deals with the practical, social, political and ethical consequences of artificial intelligence. Over the years Peter has helped companies such as Bang & Olufsen, Novo Nordisk, Nike, Carlsberg, Saxo Bank, Kræftens Bekæmpelse and Danish Church Aid unfold their digital strategies.

Christina has worked in the intersection of strategic design, business development, and innovation for more than 20 years and has developed programs and projects in the design field as well as across industries, advised at policy level, and implemented strategy and policy. Christina is Programme Director at the Danish Design Center and Vice President of the European design organisation BEDA. Among other Christina has mapped the Danish design DNA, the Nordic design resources and the value of design to businesses.